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Bulk Deal 4 Cans Matt Silver Removable Rubber Paint Rubber Dip Wheel Rim Spray Rubber Paint PlasticDipper

Matt Black

$59.00 $69.00

This listing is Matt Silver

Order 1 Quantity Will be 4 cans

Order 2 Quantity Will be 8 cans etc……

Weight 2 kg

Buying Guide:

For 16-17 inch wheel rim at least 3 Cans.

For 18-19 inch wheel rim at least 4 Cans.

For 20-21 inch wheel rim at least 4-5 Cans depend on the shape of the rim

( We suggest you always get ONE more extra, just in case sometimes mistake happened when applying,also can be used later if your rim get scratched. )

How to apply on, please kindly watch some videos from YOUTUBE for rubber paint.Thanks!


  • Will not chip, crack, peel or become brittle
  • Weatherproofs, resists chemicals, impact and abrasion.
  • Insulates from electric shock, vibration, heat and deadens sound.
  • Coats and Protects: Metal, Plastic, Rope/Fabric, Rubber, Glass and more
  • Color Codes & Adds grip to tool handles for a non slip comfort and control
  • Can be used to Dip Trim, Wheels, etc on cars.
  • Can be Washed (car wash) and easily withstands the elements.


HINTS: A dry film thickness of 12-15 mils is recommended for best results. Approximate dry mil thickness per coat for spraying 2-5 mils. Allow 4 hours dry time per coat before use (Depends on spraying temps). Allow overnight drying whenever possible.

How to apply: 

******We are strongly reckon you to watch some videos on youtube before start apply******

* This paint spray is the same as the others on the market and works very well, We have been used for all of our customers.

* Cleaning the greasy dirt, water stains and dust of the spraying parts thoroughly.

* Insert plastic bag to cover the tire and fill the back of hub with papers or plastic film to protect the brake disc and parts.

* Shake repeatedly the can for 1 to 2 minutes to make the content fully mixed.

* Spray a small area for trial, if no problem appears after 5 minutes, spray the remaining areas.

* Press the sprayer and spray the surfaces at a distance of 15 to 25cm with a constant speed.

* To obtain the best effect, spray for 3 to 4 time/layout/coating at the interval of 3 minutes each.

( *one can for one rim is suggested* )

* Remove the masking materials after the film is fully dried.

(If possible, demount the hub or tire for better operation and spray hard to get to places like tight gaps and curves first to avoid runs and sags and make the first coat a light one)